Lawn Pro History and Focus

Lawn Pro was started by Gil and Jeanne Chappell in 1974 and is now owned and ran by Gary Keller. We are a small to medium-sized operation that focuses on providing top-quality service based on the latest turfgrass research data plus our own experience. The owners have backgrounds in chemistry and mathematics and enjoy the challenges involved in producing a beautiful stand of healthy turfgrass in the Kansas City area.

Customer relations are a necessary and vital concern. We are well aware that our industry has a history of over-selling its services, resulting in unrealistic expectations. For this reason, we strive to be honest, up-front and accountable regarding our charges and the services provided by Lawn Pro. We will not treat our customers any differently than we, ourselves, wish to be treated.

While most lawn services make similar claims, not all deliver as promised. Products may be generic, but services usually are not. Persons seeking the lowest priced service are often dissatisfied with the quality received. At Lawn Pro, we take our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction very seriously. It is the guiding principle of our company.