Insect Larva

White Grub Larva

White Grubs are the larva stage of several types of beetles. The most common in our area is the Masked Chafer, which has a one year life cycle. The adults emerge in early summer, mate, and lay eggs that subsequently hatch into the grub. These have the potential to severely damage turf. The larvae of the May beetle also occurs in our area. It has a 3 year life cycle, but rarely occurs in sufficient numbers to damage turf.

approximate size: 1" long

Billbug Larva

Bilbug Larva are small, white and legless. They have a brown head, and resemble a fat grain of white rice. They feed with chewing mouth parts and are capable of causing serious damage to lawns.

approximate size: 3/8"

Sodwebworm Larva

The Sodwebworm Larva is common in cool season grasses. It has the potential to do damage in lawns, but is frequently misdiagnosed as a cause for many unrelated problems. This pest is probably the most familiar to homeowners. These larvae, as well as many other surface feeding caterpillars, feed mainly at night, and their presence in the lawn is best determined by seeing droppings in the lawn. Small green fecal pellets are a good indicator of caterpillar activity in the lawn.

approximate size: 3/4" long